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Women and Men, Girls and Boys, and the Genderless, all have the same problem. You don’t always feel pretty (or handsome). This could last for 5 minutes or 5 years. Self-confidence waivers all of our lives. We all have internal struggles that affect our external image or at least our perception of ourselves. Finding that beautiful (or handsome) part of yourself (again) is what I’m passionate about.

Working in the fashion industry I have always been around, discussed, been judged, and even sometimes done the judging (“she’s too skinny”). So, when I first started back into Fashion photography while living in Las Vegas, I took this gorgeous budding model (currently on a hiatus) out for a fashion session to try to capture some wonderful images for her to get back into modeling again.

We started just before Sunset, catching some beautiful light and played with it well into the last seconds of twilight. In San Diego, I tend to have Portrait Sessions like this one on the beach, but sometimes I get the chance to head Inland and use the most gorgeous locations you can find in southern california as backdrops!

This day, She wanted to have a couple different looks. We started with a long flowy dress that was perfect for the warm and bright backdrop. As we got closer to Blue Hour she changed into a slightly sexier outfit and as she got more comfortable she bared her shoulders a little more. I’m so proud of her shedding any insecurities and just going for it during this Photography Session!

I feel like most women who do these Sessions feel nervous but you would be surprised how easy it is to let go and get beautiful portraits!

Take a look at this gorgeous location for this “Feel Beautiful” Portrait Session and let me know what it is that would hold you back from doing your own Fashion Portraits, below in the comments.

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Portrait Photography in San Diego Fashion
Blue Hour Portrait of a woman
Portrait Photography in San Diego Fashion

I hope she has inspired some of you to go out and feel beautiful, because even if you’re not feeling like it right now, I promise you, you are beautiful!

With lots of Love and Good Vibes,