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Its important that not only do we get the shots that you need but also that you feel comfortable throughout the whole experience. We will continue to shoot until both of us, but more importantly YOU, are satisfied. Presently, I offer sessions taken at the location of your choice. In some cases, a photography permit may be needed. Shots taken outside are best done at Sunrise or Sunset.

There are many details that go into a successful photoshoot that most people are unaware of. I am here to guide you and answer every single question and concern along the way. If you are nervous or unsure about anything at anytime, I am one phone call, text, or email away. If you would prefer to meet in person ahead of time to go over anything, that is perfectly ok too!


For Engagement Sessions, you may wear your formal wedding attire, or any other formal or casual choice. I will help you along the way to choose an outfit that will help you to look your best in your photos.

For Professional headshots make sure that your clothes are clean and pressed. It is best not to come dressed in the clothing we are planning to photograph in, unless it is completely unavoidable. Pick colors that match well with your skin-tone and eye color.

For Lookbooks, Groups, or more Creative Shoots, you will have more diverse options. It is best to confirm with me your wardrobe choices before the shoot and I can give you my best advice so that you are looking your best on the day of the shoot which will make everything less stressful for you.


For Portraits, Makeup should be heavy/full coverage. I recommend choosing a professional makeup artist to apply your makeup before the shoot. It is important to remember that any products containing reflective materials, such as SPF, will reflect light and will assist in making your skin look paler than the rest of your body. If using flash photography, please make sure not to use any SPF products or highlighter.

For Professional Headshots, Makeup should be full coverage/heavy but natural looking. Avoid using powders as they tend to look cakey and never use moisturizer or base that contains SPF as it will reflect more light and wash you out. I can correct this to a degree post-editing but for best results, avoid SPF products. For men, it is best to shave before-hand and makeup should be kept to a natural look.

For more creative shots, any kind of makeup can be acceptable, just remember your makeup should be much much heavier than normal everyday wear. 

Avoid using gels or any kind of reflective hair products. Women should feel free to wear their hair pinned, etc., until just before shooting time. We will take the time to get your hair and wardrobe right. 


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